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Buy This Domain

* If you are interested in buying this domain, contact us via email at .

Build a schedule plan using ChatGPT

*  If you have a hard time creating a daily routine, Then this prompt is for you. Sometimes you know what you want to get done. But you don’t know the best way to plan it. Or you know which tests you need to study for… but you don’t want to spend 3 hours creating a revision plan (I did this years ago). Now you can use ChatGPT to create your preplanned day in seconds. Just give the following prompt: Create a daily routine for me in a tabular format by considering the given points. 1. Need at least 6 hours of sleep. 2. One-hour workout. 3. Add a book reading session. 4. Daily meditation. 5. Productive working hours. Here is an example:

Generate unique title ideas using ChatGPT

* Product titles are important. They are small. But an important aspect. People think a lot about names but don’t give themselves options. Imagine if you found a way to generate unlimited title variations for your product. Consider them as ideas. Not set in stone. But you can brainstorm further. Some of them are already ready to use. Others require some more work. Today, we will introduce to a prompt perfect for this scenario. Here is the prompt: Write 20 best titles and subtitles for my new product. It must be eye catching, short and friendly. Product = an AI wallpaper generator. Checkout an example: You can use these titles in A/B testing and pick the best for your products. Think about how much time you need to dedicate to writing these ideas manually. AI does some of the work but much faster. And it gets your mind rolling with ideas.